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The Bloodline War

The Bloodline War - Tracy Tappan So much potential. So much fail.

I'm honestly surprised this has so many 4 and 5 star reviews. Although most of them seem to have received this book for free through good reads or directly from the author.

The story telling is disjointed. Jumping scene's. The female characters are just awful. Every single one of them is riddled with insecurities but not in any compelling way.

Their POV analysis of themselves reads like a text book. Then they decide to be stupid, put themselves, their children and their entire community at risk just to teach the men a lesson. I was honestly hoping at least one of them would be kidnaped by the villains just to teach the women a lesson.

The story telling was frequently immature. From a love scene referring to a breast as a boob, to a scene where the men get drunk and light their farts on fire, to a villain calling someone a fudge packer, who talks like this?

I can not decide if this was written by someone who fancies themselves an armchair psychologist or a frat boy. Either way I will not be reading anymore from this author.